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Sat Apr 30 2016

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A Cease-Fire In Name Alone
NPR's Scott Simon considers the breathtaking toll of the violence in Syria.
6 Sensational Photos From A Global Contest With 230,000 Entries
From a man with his pet rooster in Bali to the victim of an acid attack in Iran, here are some of the featured images from the Sony World Photography Awards.
Joining ISIS: It's Not Always For Reasons You Might Assume
Two ISIS fighters captured in Syria say they joined the militant group as a way to fight an oppressive regime. But it also provided friendship, and it didn't seem much more violent than other options.
Fact Check: Has President Obama 'Depleted' The Military?
Republican presidential candidates, led by Donald Trump, claim President Obama has slashed defense spending and will leave his successor with a weaker force. We break it down.
Hospital Bombings Highlight Challenges Health Care Providers Face In War Zones
NPR's Kelly McEvers talks with Jonathan Whittall, head of humanitarian analysis for Doctors Without Borders, about how bombings of hospitals affect relief organizations in war zones.
Senate Critics Question Legality Of Military Operation In Syria
Critics in the Senate charge that, of all the foreign forces operating in Syria today, the Russians are on the most solid legal ground. Damascus has invited Russia to make its deployment, whereas neither Congress nor Syria has ever explicitly authorized any American military involvement there.
U.S. Releases Final Report On Deadly Hospital Attack In Afghanistan
The Pentagon released its final report into what it called the accidental destruction of a hospital in Afghanistan last year that killed more than 40 people. More than a dozen troops were disciplined, but none are facing courts-martial or other punishment beyond reprimands expected to end their careers.
Pakistan's Army Chief Gains Power Under Democratic Rule
Pakistan has a democratically elected government, but the power of the army is growing and so is that of the man who runs it.
Pentagon Report Says Airstrike On Afghan Hospital Wasn't A War Crime
The Pentagon's investigation says none of the military personnel involved knew they were attacking a hospital. It says the assault, which killed dozens of people, was caused by a series of errors.
K-Tel Founder And Infomercial Icon Philip Kives Dies At 87
He started the company in the 1960s and struck gold pitching gadgets such as the Veg-O-Matic food slicer.
Code Switch And Hidden Brain Teamed Up For An #AirbnbWhileBlack Twitter Chat
On Friday, Code Switch's Gene Demby and Hidden Brain's Shankar Vedantam led a Twitter chat to discuss what it's like to be a person of color participating in the sharing economy.
U.S. Steel Says China Is Using Cyber Stealth To Steal Its Secrets
The steelmaker is asking a U.S. agency to investigate its claims that the Chinese government not only dumps steel at unfair prices, but also uses computer hackers to steal intellectual property.
North Korean Court Sentences American To Prison Term
Now sentenced to 10 years in prison and hard labor over espionage charges, Kim Dong-chul, 62, is reportedly a former resident of Fairfax, Va.
Germany's Beer Purity Law Is 500 Years Old. Is It Past Its Sell-By Date?
For centuries, German law has stipulated that beer can only be made from four ingredients. But as Germany embraces craft beer, some believe the law impedes good brewing.
16 People Disciplined After Kunduz Hospital Airstrike, But Questions Remain
The Pentagon disciplined 16 military personnel in connection to October's airstrikes on a civilian-run hospital. Tom Bowman talks to Steve Inskeep about whether incidents like these can be prevented. - World delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more.

Kenya to torch millions of dollars worth of illicit ivory

Record number of rhinos slaughtered
Poachers slaughtered a record number of rhinos last year in Africa as demand for their horns skyrockets in Asia.
'Dark heart of the ivory trade' no more
Activists have hailed the announcement that Hong Kong will phase out the sale of ivory in the city, a major bastion of the trade.
1,300-pound haul of ancient Roman coins unearthed
Over 1,300 pounds of bronze Roman coins dating to the 3rd century A.D. have been unearthed by construction workers digging a trench in Spain.

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Weasel knocks out CERN's powerful particle accelerator
The largest scientific experiment has gone offline because of a foreign intruder.
Kenya building collapse traps scores of people
At least three people died and scores of people were trapped after a building collapsed Friday night in Kenya's capital, CNN affiliate KTN reported.
Soldier who beat official over alleged child assault stays in Army
The U.S. Army has reversed a decision to discharge a Green Beret for kicking and body slamming an Afghan police commander accused of sexually assaulting a boy.

Another blow for South African President Zuma
A South African court ruled Friday that prosecutors acted "irrationally" when they decided to drop more than 700 corruption and fraud charges against President Jacob Zuma in 2009.
China, Russia concerned over U.S.-South Korea missile defense
China and Russia are renewing concerns over U.S. proposals to deploy a missile defense system in South Korea following a stream of nuclear tests, missile launches and provocative statements by North Korea.
Syria truce 'hangs by a thread' after 50 die in hospital strike
In Syria, the blood continues to flow, civilians continue to die and the tears keep falling.

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Opinion: Words in custody, but killers are free
CNN asked three Bangladeshi bloggers to share their views on the string of attacks on writers, bloggers and publishers from the country.
Trump speech wows 'em in Moscow
After Donald Trump gave a much-anticipated foreign policy speech Wednesday, some of the most glowing reviews that he received were from a place that doesn't often see eye-to-eye with American politicians.
William and Kate, five years on
Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrate their five-year wedding anniversary today.

If not stopped 'there will be a massacre'
Venezuela blackouts: 'We can't go on living like this'
About the only thing that can be counted on around the clock at Gustavo Diaz's home these days is the gas stove.

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