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Fri May 22 2015

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Thai Authorities Arrest Protesters On Anniversary Of 2014 Coup
At least 13 people were arrested in the capital, Bangkok, and seven others in the country's northeast after they staged protests against Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha's rule.
ISIS Affiliate Claims Responsibility For Suicide Attack In Saudi Arabia
The bombing of a Shiite mosque killed at least 19 people. The claim of responsibility is a first for the extremist group involving an attack inside the kingdom.
Some Clinton Emails Were Retroactively Classified
The State Department released the first batch of 296 emails from the former secretary of state's private email account. Some were classified at the request of the FBI after the fact.
A Desk That Can Take A Ton Of Earthquake Rubble
It's fairly light, costs $35 per student and could save lives in earthquake zones. But not everyone thinks this quake-proof desk is a good idea.
A Wedding And A Challenge: Lebanese Couples Fight For Civil Marriage
No one ever said marriage was easy, but in Lebanon, it's even harder: The country has 15 sets of matrimonial laws for 18 different religions and sects. Activists want the right to civil marriages.
What Are The Secrets of Centenarians?
To find the path to long life and health, Dan Buettner studies the world's "Blue Zones," communities whose elders live longer than anyone else on the planet.
Islamic State Reportedly Seizes Last Syria-Iraq Border Crossing
The checkpoint at al-Tanf, known as al-Waleed in Iraq, has been seized, according to a British-based monitoring group that says ISIS fighters now control half of Syria.
How Do You Motivate Kids To Stop Skipping School?
A study in an Indian slum tried promising a reward: Improve your attendance, and you'll get a small treat. But for third-graders, sometimes these incentive schemes can do more harm than good.
Irish Voters Decide Whether To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
Polls show the "yes" vote is stronger in the conservative, predominantly Catholic country. But public opinion surveys could be masking a "shy no vote," observers say.
State Department Envoy Defends Administration's Efforts Against ISIS
Steve Inskeep talks to Brett McGurk, the State Department's deputy special envoy to the coalition fighting the self-proclaimed Islamic State, about the administration's strategy in Iraq and Syria.
Visting Georgetown Professor Among Those Egypt Sentences To Death
Renee Montagne talks to Emad Shahin, one of more than 100 Egyptians who received a death sentence, along with ex-President Morsi, for alleged roles in events surrounding Hosni Mubarak's overthrow.
Talking To Qatar's World Cup Workers Gets BBC Reporter Arrested
Qatar is getting bad press for its treatment of migrant workers building 2022 World Cup facilities. Renee Montagne talks to the BBC's Mark Lobel, who was arrested when he talked to migrant workers.
Korean Air 'Nut Rage' Executive Freed From Prison
An appeals court reduced the sentence of former Korean Air executive Heather Cho. She demanded that a plane return to the gate because her macadamia nuts weren't served in a manner to her liking.
Senate Advances Bill To Give Obama 'Fast-Track' Trade Authority
The Senate is trying to wrap up its business before leaving Washington, D.C., for a week-long recess. That includes considering a bill to give President Obama expanded authority on trade.
Macedonians, Ethnic Albanians Unite Over Effort to Oust Prime Minister
Macedonia escaped largely unscathed from the ethnic violence that defined the breakup of Yugoslavia. But the country's Slavs and Albanians live largely separate and unequal lives, until now. > War Room

What ?Veep? got right about our government
It obliterates mainstream myths by showing the government isn't full of geniuses -- and the public isn't all morons
Sequester could hamper Wall Street investigations
... which were going so well
What would happen without a moderator?
Jim Lehrer's soft touch approach last week stirs memories of a 20-year-old experiment: the moderator-less debate
Study: ?47 percent? not hurting Mitt
A new study suggests his remarks might not spell doom, but there could be a silver lining for Obama
Elizabeth Warren is winning
Barack Obama isn't the only Democratic candidate to get a real boost from Charlotte
Did Warren beat the Cowboys?
Her speech was a big hit in Charlotte, but she may have been a victim of something totally beyond her control
The ghosts of 2009
Miscalculations about the depth of the crisis early in Obama?s term continue to provide ammunition for the GOP
A knack for screwing up the easy stuff
The Eastwood/chair insanity isn?t the first time the Romney team has mucked up something simple
Obama, Romney and the empathy gap
Why blurring his policy differences with Obama might not be enough to save Romney on Medicare
Will Todd Akin play ball?
The effort by panicked Republicans to push him out calls to mind a Democratic nightmare from 10 years ago
The new Zell Miller
Artur Davis, who?s rebranded himself as a Republican, will speak at the GOP convention
What Pelosi and Romney have in common
They both see Paul Ryan as their deliverance, but for very different reasons
President Ryan ? the truth behind Mitt?s flub
Romney's slip aside, it?s not a stretch to say Paul Ryan would be ?the next president? if the GOP ticket wins
Paul Ryan and the right?s long game
The V.P. selection of conservative dreams is about a lot more than boosting the GOP's chances this fall
The smell of panic
If this summer had gone the way Mitt hoped it would, he'd never be teaming up with Paul Ryan today - World delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more.

Ireland holds historic vote on same-sex marriage
Irish voters went to the polls on whether to change the country's constitution to allow same-sex marriage.
Explainer: Ireland's world-first popular vote on gay marriage
Ireland is due to hold the world's first popular vote to decide whether gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to marry. The most recent opinion poll in The Irish Times indicated that 58% will vote in favor with 25% against, 17% were undecided or would not vote. Leaving aside the latter, this would suggest that 70% will vote Yes.
Same-sex marriage in the U.S.
ISIS extends hold on Syria's ancient city of Palmyra
ISIS forces have extended their control around the ancient city of Palmyra as forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad withdrew from the area.
Will ISIS bulldoze ancient Syrian city?
Another world wonder is on the brink of destruction as ISIS continues its rampage through the cultural heritage of Iraq and Syria.
Why ISIS destroys antiquities
CNN's Ben Wedeman explains why the terror group is ruining Iraq's cultural history.
In video, Somali ISIS members court Al-Shabaab
A recently released propaganda recruitment video by ISIS shows Somali fighters in the group inviting other Somali jihadis to join their ranks.
Putin's alleged girlfriend sparks pregnancy rumors
The former gymnast who is alleged to be Russian President Putin's girlfriend sparked pregnancy rumors when she appeared at an event wearing a billowy dress. CNN's Matthew Chance reports.
Blast reported at Shiite mosque in Saudi Arabia
An explosion rocked a mosque Friday in eastern Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Press Agency reported -- a mosque serving Shiite Muslims in a majority Sunni country, social media posts from purported witnesses say.
Briton gets life for killing U.S. soldier in Iraq
A UK court sentenced a London taxi driver to life in prison Friday for the 2007 murder of a U.S. soldier in Iraq.
Video shows football fan beaten in front of his kids
Video shows a Benfica football fan being struck by police in front of his children. CNN's Isa Soares has the story.
Crane fights off two tigers at zoo
A crane that stumbled into a tigers' den bravely fights off two tigers that are on the prowl.
Could Egypt's 'fake' mummies reveal ancient scam?
Poison pens and torch guns: Ex-North Korean spy tells all
Myanmar offers aid to migrants stranded at sea
Myanmar, which has previously disavowed responsibility for Rohingya migrants stranded at sea, has said it will provide search and rescue for "boat people" in its territorial waters as well as humanitarian assistance.

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