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Tue Sep 16 2014

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More Birthdays For Kids Under Five Around The World
The deaths of children under five has dropped by 49 percent since 1990. There are many reasons why, from better vaccines and health workers ... to "kangaroo mother care."
Rep. Gowdy To Lead New Benghazi Committee In First Public Hearing
House lawmakers will give the Sept. 11 attacks in Libya two years ago a fresh look. Wednesday's hearing will be the first public one since Gowdy (R-S.C.) became chair of a special Benghazi committee.
American Doctor In Libera Calls U.S. Ebola Response Plan 'Outstanding'
Melissa Block talks to Dr. Timothy Flanigan in Liberia about President Obama's announcement that the U.S. will ramp up aid efforts to fight the Ebola outbreak.
Ebola Outbreak Presents Special Challenges For U.S. Military
On Tuesday, President Obama announced a larger U.S. response to the Ebola outbreak that will put 3,000 troops on the front line. What can the military can provide and how quickly they can do it?
U.S. To Send 3,000 Troops To West Africa To Aid In Ebola Epidemic
On Tuesday, President Obama announced that the U.S. will send more military personnel and resources to Africa to fight the deadly virus.
Hagel, Dempsey Defend Obama's Strategy For Fighting ISIS
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified before a Senate committee on Tuesday.
ISIS May Be At Peak Strength, With 'Easiest Dominoes' Fallen
Robert Siegel speaks with Ramzy Mardini, who argues that overstating the threat from ISIS could lead the U.S. to another tragic foreign policy mistake.
Thanks To Nutella, The World Needs More Hazelnuts
Nutella, launched 50 years ago, has turned into a global phenomenon, boosting demand for hazelnuts. Now producers are looking beyond Turkey's north coast, where most of these nuts are grown.
Which Contagious Diseases Are The Deadliest?
To put Ebola in context, we tried to find a list of the deadliest contagious diseases. We couldn't. So with the help of scientists and health agencies, we came up with a rundown of the world's worst.
Belgium Agrees To Euthanize Man Convicted Of Murder, Rape
Frank Van Den Bleeken says he wants to die because he hasn't seen any change in himself. A court agreed ? and now his case is raising prickly questions in a country that has no death penalty.
In Germany, A Magazine For The Dog-Tired
Germans have long had plenty of choices when it comes to magazines catering to canine lovers. But one publisher thinks the time has finally come to throw the dog haters a bone.
Dempsey Says If Needed He Would Recommend Ground Forces In Iraq
The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told a Senate panel he supports the president's plan to combat Islamic State militants but that if it proved necessary, he would recommend U.S. ground forces.
Like It Or Not, Scotland's Drama May Hit Your Wallet
Some economists say Thursday's vote on Scotland's independence could have wide-ranging economic impacts. They fear that a breakaway from the U.K. could trigger another global financial upheaval.
U.S. Begins Airstrikes In Support Of Iraqi Ground Forces
The air attacks on Islamic State forces were requested by Iraqi security forces engaged in combat south of Baghdad.
Ukraine Approves EU Pact And Temporary Self-Rule For Rebels
The parliament voted to strengthen economic ties with the EU beginning in 2016. It also approved a deal to allow self-rule in some separatist-held areas, a move likely to be rejected by the rebels. > War Room

What ?Veep? got right about our government
It obliterates mainstream myths by showing the government isn't full of geniuses -- and the public isn't all morons
Sequester could hamper Wall Street investigations
... which were going so well
What would happen without a moderator?
Jim Lehrer's soft touch approach last week stirs memories of a 20-year-old experiment: the moderator-less debate
Study: ?47 percent? not hurting Mitt
A new study suggests his remarks might not spell doom, but there could be a silver lining for Obama
Elizabeth Warren is winning
Barack Obama isn't the only Democratic candidate to get a real boost from Charlotte
Did Warren beat the Cowboys?
Her speech was a big hit in Charlotte, but she may have been a victim of something totally beyond her control
The ghosts of 2009
Miscalculations about the depth of the crisis early in Obama?s term continue to provide ammunition for the GOP
A knack for screwing up the easy stuff
The Eastwood/chair insanity isn?t the first time the Romney team has mucked up something simple
Obama, Romney and the empathy gap
Why blurring his policy differences with Obama might not be enough to save Romney on Medicare
Will Todd Akin play ball?
The effort by panicked Republicans to push him out calls to mind a Democratic nightmare from 10 years ago
The new Zell Miller
Artur Davis, who?s rebranded himself as a Republican, will speak at the GOP convention
What Pelosi and Romney have in common
They both see Paul Ryan as their deliverance, but for very different reasons
President Ryan ? the truth behind Mitt?s flub
Romney's slip aside, it?s not a stretch to say Paul Ryan would be ?the next president? if the GOP ticket wins
Paul Ryan and the right?s long game
The V.P. selection of conservative dreams is about a lot more than boosting the GOP's chances this fall
The smell of panic
If this summer had gone the way Mitt hoped it would, he'd never be teaming up with Paul Ryan today - World delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more.

What a shot! 34 sports photos
The week in 43 photos
CNN mourns loss of photojournalist
CNN lost a much loved and respected colleague Monday with the sudden passing of photojournalist Sarmad Qaseera. A longtime member of CNN's Baghdad bureau, Sarmad had to flee his country in 2006 after death threats, eventually settling in the United States and continuing his work for CNN based out of Atlanta. He was 42.
Impact of ISIS attacks on journalists
CNN's Arwa Damon offers a war correspondent's perspective on terror group ISIS attacking journalists.
The challenges of covering Ebola
CNN's Nima Elbagir shares the hardships of reporting on the Ebola outbreak in Liberia.
Who's your hero? Nominate them
They're your neighbors, your friends, your colleagues, your parents.
Garden State charity feeds hungry
When Chip Paillex started a garden with his 4-year-old daughter in 2002, he never imagined it would change the lives of thousands of people.
Soccer fans as an army for good
More than any single soccer player, the fans have taken center stage during the World Cup.
Taking autistic kids to ball game
For many families, a night at the ballpark is a treat. But it can be a nightmare for those with autistic children.
A bodybuilder with a big heart
Ned Norton was working as a fitness trainer for Olympic athletes and bodybuilders when a young man with a spinal cord injury asked him for help.
Helping grieving kids heal
At just 7 years old, Kyron Chase is facing the unimaginable: His father was murdered.
Taiwanese jets takeover freeway
Taiwanese military fighter jets practice emergency takeoffs and landings on the No. 1 National Freeway.
2 Americans killed by Taliban
Three members of NATO's International Security Assistance Force were killed in an attack in Kabul on Tuesday, the coalition said.
Chinese city kills 5,000 dogs
Authorities have killed almost 5,000 dogs in one Chinese city after rabies was blamed for the death of five people, China's official Xinhua news agency reported on Sunday.
Watch landmark Cold War series
The struggle between communism and capitalism defined the second half of the 20th Century. The Cold War pitted east against west, pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war.

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