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Fri Jul 3 2015

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Pilot In Solar-Powered Plane Sets Aviation Record
André Borschberg, flying Solar Impulse 2, set a new record of 120 hours in the cockpit on a journey from Japan to Hawaii.
Iceland's Pirate Party Wins Repeal Of Blasphemy Law
The insurgent political movement, which has just three members in parliament, led the rollback of the 75-year-old law that made it a crime to "ridicule or insult" religious teachings.
Syrian Forces Try To Halt Rebel Offensive On Aleppo
An alliance of forces led by the al-Qaida affiliated al-Nusra Front is battling the Syrian government for control of the key northern city.
Why The World Might Be Running Out Of Cocoa Farmers
West African cocoa farmers earn less than $1 a day. Those low wages could jeopardize the future of chocolate labor, as young farmers find better opportunities to earn a living, a new report warns.
Hours From Greek Bailout Vote, 2 Sides Evenly Divided
One new poll shows that those favoring the bailout hold a wafer-thin plurality, but another one gives the edge to the "no" side.
Russia Finally Launches Supplies To ISS After Earlier Failures
The liftoff of the Soyuz Progress 60P was a relief to astronauts and cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station after two previous resupply missions ? one Russian and one American ? failed.
Peruvian Sisters Can Turn A Gourd Into An $800 Objet D'Art
They can spend up to two months on a single gourd, creating scenes that tell a story. Think of it as a graphic gourd novel.
Holy Moly! The World Is Strange And Incredible, Travel Website CEO Says
Until the end of summer, Morning Edition will be airing stories about places to visit. David Plotz, CEO of Atlas Obscura, talks about his collaborative website for people seeking hidden places.
When Greeks Vote Sunday, It's Not Just About A Debt Deal
The referendum exposes a deep divide: those who feel Greece is the victim of a European conspiracy, and those who want to keep close ties with the rest of the continent.
Greece's Bailout Referendum Boils Down To: Yes Or No
On Sunday, the people of Greece will vote on their country's future. What happens when voters are asked to choose between two options that could send their country down two very different paths?
Ever Dream You Could Fly? 'Jetman' Has. Let Him Tell You About It
Yves Rossy flies like Superman. But instead of a cape, he uses 7-foot-long wings and four engines. "You are like in a parallel world that normally doesn't exist," he says. "It's beautiful."
Yes, There Really Is A Town In Liberia Called 'Smell No Taste'
It's the place where a teenager died of Ebola this week. And, like all unusual geographic names, there's a story behind it.
Deputy Secretary Of State: Iran Needs Nuclear Deal 'More Than We Do'
NPR's Rachel Martin interviews Tony Blinken, the U.S. deputy secretary of state and the former deputy national security advisor for President Obama, about the latest on the negotiations with Iran.
Getting Divorced In The Philippines Where It's Against The Law
NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with freelance journalist Ana Santos about her experience getting divorced in the Philippines, the only country where divorce is illegal.
In Data Breach, Reluctance To Point The Finger At China
Personal data of at least 18 million federal workers may have been accessed via the OPM computer system. Some officials quietly blame China; others want to avoid upsetting this major trade partner. > War Room

What ?Veep? got right about our government
It obliterates mainstream myths by showing the government isn't full of geniuses -- and the public isn't all morons
Sequester could hamper Wall Street investigations
... which were going so well
What would happen without a moderator?
Jim Lehrer's soft touch approach last week stirs memories of a 20-year-old experiment: the moderator-less debate
Study: ?47 percent? not hurting Mitt
A new study suggests his remarks might not spell doom, but there could be a silver lining for Obama
Elizabeth Warren is winning
Barack Obama isn't the only Democratic candidate to get a real boost from Charlotte
Did Warren beat the Cowboys?
Her speech was a big hit in Charlotte, but she may have been a victim of something totally beyond her control
The ghosts of 2009
Miscalculations about the depth of the crisis early in Obama?s term continue to provide ammunition for the GOP
A knack for screwing up the easy stuff
The Eastwood/chair insanity isn?t the first time the Romney team has mucked up something simple
Obama, Romney and the empathy gap
Why blurring his policy differences with Obama might not be enough to save Romney on Medicare
Will Todd Akin play ball?
The effort by panicked Republicans to push him out calls to mind a Democratic nightmare from 10 years ago
The new Zell Miller
Artur Davis, who?s rebranded himself as a Republican, will speak at the GOP convention
What Pelosi and Romney have in common
They both see Paul Ryan as their deliverance, but for very different reasons
President Ryan ? the truth behind Mitt?s flub
Romney's slip aside, it?s not a stretch to say Paul Ryan would be ?the next president? if the GOP ticket wins
Paul Ryan and the right?s long game
The V.P. selection of conservative dreams is about a lot more than boosting the GOP's chances this fall
The smell of panic
If this summer had gone the way Mitt hoped it would, he'd never be teaming up with Paul Ryan today - World delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more.

Where ISIS goes to recruit
Kasserine: Pipeline for terror
Kasserine, once famous for its central role in the Tunisian revolution, has become infamous as a pipeline of radicalized young men flocking to Syria and Libya in their thousands.
ISIS publicly smashes artifacts from ancient city of Palmyra
ISIS 'emir of suicide bombers' killed in coalition airstrike
Senior ISIS leader Tariq al-Harzi -- a man known as the "emir of suicide bombers" -- was killed by a coalition airstrike in Syria last month, a U.S. official said Thursday.
Bloody campaign spills across region and into Egypt
After 5,000 mile flight, solar plane lands
Soccer coach killed at home; son arrested
Military base cancels July 4 celebrations over threats
A British airbase used by American airmen has canceled its Fourth of July celebrations given rising security threats.
Pilot shut off wrong engine in TransAsia crash
Beware of Greeks bearing GIFs
Greece. A government debt of $323 billion, an economy that's dropped by a quarter and banks that have closed their doors and ATMs -- you can cry, or you can laugh. Many have opted for the latter.
Russian launches rocket to space station
An uncrewed Russian rocket lifted off in Kazakhstan on Friday on a resupply mission to the International Space Station.
Robot kills man at VW factory
Afghan court overturns death sentences in woman's mob killing
An Afghan appellate court has overturned the death sentences of four men who were convicted in a brutal mob killing of a woman who'd been falsely accused of burning the Quran, a judge with knowledge of the decision told CNN on condition of anonymity Thursday.
France rejects Assange's 'protection' request
France has rejected a request from Julian Assange for "protection" after the controversial WikiLeaks founder published an open letter in national newspaper Le Monde on Friday.
Chinese student enrollment surges at U.S. university
Cutbacks in state funding have encouraged U.S. colleges like the University of Iowa to recruit students from China creating tensions on campus.

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