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Sat Aug 1 2015

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After Devastating Injury, Austrian Pole Vaulter Is Breathing On Her Own
Doctors say the fall has left Kira Grunberg, 21, a paraplegic ? a development that shocked the sports world in Europe and brought offers of emotional and financial support.
Sailing Federation Will Test Waters For Viruses In Brazil's Olympics Venues
The International Sailing Federation says the move is prompted by concerns over athletes' health and safety, after reports of raw sewage and trash in the water around Rio.
MH370 Update: Recovered Jet Section Arrives At French Lab For Testing
After the large piece of debris was discovered on the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean this week, Malaysia Airlines said it "is almost certainly part of a Boeing 777."
In Germany, Asylum-Seekers Could Fill A Chronic Workforce Need
Germany has struggled with a record number of refugees, prompting calls for increased deportations. But German businesses see an opportunity in these newcomers to ease a shortage of skilled workers.
France Refuses To Sell Two Warships To Russia
The dispute follows Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The 1.6 billion euro helicopter carriers are sitting in French dockyards.
Zimbabwe May Give Land Back To Some White Farmers
White farmers were driven out of Zimbabwe 15 years ago. Now the government says some white farmers could get their land back. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Zimbabwean journalist Peta Thornycroft.
Some Kazakhs Celebrate The Loss Of The 2022 Winter Olympics
Kazakhstan lost its bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics to Beijing, but a number of Kazakhs see this as an opportunity, not a loss.
Kurdish Militias Appear To Be Sidelined By U.S.-Turkey Military Deal
The military deal reached by the United States and Turkey is an attempt to refocus the fight against ISIS. NPR's Scott Simon talks to former U.S. Ambassador to Turkey Frank Ricciardone.
How Sierra Leone's Most Famous Journalist Helped NPR Get The Ebola Story
At the height of the epidemic, Umaru Fofana was our guide ? and a one-man solution system. This summer, he stopped by NPR's headquarters for a reunion with our Ebola reporting team.
Pacific Trade Pact In Limbo As Talks End Without A Deal
Disagreements remain among the 12 countries regarding drug patents, market access and more, and likely will delay congressional debate of any eventual agreement into 2016.
Watch: 164 Skydivers Fall Into Formation, Breaking World Record
One of the dangers was that parachutes or people could collide. The previous skydiving record was set by 138 people in 2012.
Zimbabwe Official Calls For Extradition Of American Lion Hunter Walter Palmer
Minister of Environment, Water and Climate Oppah Muchinguri wants Palmer to face justice in Zimbabwe, wire services report. U.S. authorities are investigating whether any American laws were broken.
Decades Of Limbo Ends For Some Indians, Bangladeshis Along Border
The fate of pockets of Bangladeshis and Indians living on opposite sides of the border was left unresolved after the partition of the former British colony in 1947. A new agreement has changed that.
Ebola Vaccine Hailed As 'Game Changer' In Fight Against The Virus
In a small trial, an experimental vaccine protected 100 percent of people at high risk for Ebola. But more data are needed to figure out exactly how well the vaccine works.
As Beijing Prepares To Host Winter Olympics, Where Will It Get The Snow?
NPR's Melissa Block talks with Jennifer Turner, director of the China Environment Forum at the Woodrow Wilson Center, about water resources and environmental concerns in the extremely arid region. - World delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more.

After months of mystery, MH370 answers could come soon
MH370: If debris is part of missing plane, what's next?
If confirmed to be from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, could a small portion of plane wing discovered on an Indian Ocean island be the clue investigators need to unlock one of aviation's biggest mysteries?
What happened? MH370 and other aviation mysteries
The puzzling disappearance of a Malaysian jetliner last year is not the first time a plane has vanished without a trace.
Families on edge
Photos of search
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from the skies on March 8, 2014. Click through to see photos of the search for the missing jet.
Libyan symbol of freedom now just another Colorado inmate
Mt.Gox CEO Mark Karpeles arrested in Japan
Japanese police have arrested the head of the Mt.Gox bitcoin exchange company over the loss of a "massive amount" of the virtual online currency.
Beijing chosen to stage Winter Olympics
Palestinian toddler's death sparks protests; teen killed
A Palestinian teen died Saturday after he was shot by Israeli troops during clashes sparked by the killing of a toddler in an arson attack, Palestinian medical officials said.
2nd Australian surfer fights off shark attack
Zimbabwe to U.S.: Extradite dentist over killing of Cecil the lion
As outrage grows over the killing of Cecil the lion, Zimbabwe called on the United States to extradite the American dentist who shot the lion this month.
Colombian military plane crash kills 11
A Colombian military plane has crashed, killing all 11 people on board, according to the nation's air force.
American joins Kurds to fight ISIS
Going from club bouncer in New York to a Kurdish Militia fighter in Syria, in the past few months Robert Rose has spent nights under mortar fire in intense heat, fighting ISIS in Syria. His story sheds light on how one Kurdish opposition group is recruiting Western fighters.
Mumbai bombings 'mastermind' hanged
Have you seen that rare blue moon?

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